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January 2007 - New Start

Got the bug out of the Role message filter...

Friday, 19th

What programming time I've had for so far during January has been spent addressing a few bugs in the DigitalFriend before an 'official' release, which coincides with the new web-site.

Role filter in the DigitalFriend


Photo 1: The Role Message Lens.





The Role message lens is the third use of the FUN interface within the DigitalFriend (after the 'agent dial' and the Knowledge Tree). It displays all 76 generic roles and sub-roles in the Shadowboard methodology. It is used to filter/highlight just those messages in the user message window, which were sent to the user from agents that are assigned to that role or sub-roles in the user's life.

I better chase up the new icons for all 76 roles, as I've not troubled the graphic designer while the bug was in the interface.

Now for the finishing touches to saving RSS feeds in the Knowledge tree...

Tuesday, 30th January - A New Day, a New Life!

An interruption to all things ... our beautiful little baby daughter (Sophie) was born today! This will surely slow the launch of the site down, and rightly so! The birth was really fast. We got to hospital at 11:20am and less than an hour later, at 12:01pm, she was born. C is in good condition, given the the shortness of the birth, so I wouldn't be surprised if they let them come home tomorrow...


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